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Welcome ~ Presidents Message

I am very much honored to be serving as President of the U.S.VETERANS MC NY State Chapter. I have been a Charter Member of the US Veterans MC NY since 2009 and am impressed at how strongly we have been growing in New York State as well as nationally. I see how truly Veteran Riders understand the concept of our Brotherhood Code and how we continually strive to adhere to that Code. We experience this continued growth at the local level and in other states of our great Country, with qualified and quality inquiries about starting additional Chapters, many have expressed amazement at our expansion and acceptance where we go.

Our commitment to our Principles and honesty, which have given us a level of respect within the Motorcycle World and community as a whole is truly a sight to see and know firsthand. As a Club, we believe that when qualified Veterans investigate us thoroughly about becoming Members, and others truly get to know who we are, then they will find our uniqueness and integrity that cannot be matched by any other Veteran Motorcycle Club.

As always, we continue to say a prayer for those serving overseas and in the Homeland protecting our Freedoms. Also, to their Families for the Hardships and Sacrifices they continue to endure. May God watch over them abroad and safely bring them home soon to their loved-ones. And may we all make an effort to support those Veterans and their families in making that difficult trip home once they are here.


“A Hard Road Ahead is Always Made Easier When Traveling with BROTHERHOOD””

NYC Veterans Day Parade, Nov. 11, 2014

Video courtesy of Jennifer Sawinski - US Militia


In Memoriam

Brother - Patriot - Veteran



US MILITIA RC Operation Comfort Warrior NY Wounded Vet Run